One Week Down..

Welcome to week two of the Sexy Buncha Caveman Challenge!

Some of you have been down this road before and for a few of you this is an all new experience.   This challenge is a much more strict challenge than what we have done in the past, so what was allowed last time may not be allowed now.  A few items of note are butter, heavy cream, and most mayonnaise. The butter and cream are dairy items, and while they are the fat of the dairy, these items are a no no for this challenge.  As for the mayonnaise, most store bought mayo is made with canola oil, soy bean oil, or a little of both.  Believe it or not mayonnaise is not all that difficult to make here is an easy recipe.  Once you try this out you can start to vary things or add some flavor like ginger or curry.

  • 2 omega 3 enriched eggs
  • 2 tbsps apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp yellow mustard
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp white pepper
  • 1/4 tsp paprika pepper
  • 2 cups oil (avocado, olive, grape seed, safflower)

In a blender or food processor place all ingrediants except for the oil.  Cover and blend on low for about 5 seconds.  Continue to blend while you slowly and steadily add the oil. Once all the oil is in continue to blend for another 5 to 10 seconds

Please feel free to ask us about any foods.

Just a friendly reminder, your food logs need to be emailed to by midnight tonight.

We have heard from some of you about how your first week went but we would like to hear from everyone.  Let us know in the comments!


~ by Phil on October 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “One Week Down..”

  1. What is the word on Cocoa? No sugar.

  2. Ok, let’s discuss why Butter and Heavy Whip been supported for the last two challenges and not now? Suggestions on substitutes to Heavy Whip?

  3. I’m feeling pretty good. This past week was all about kicking the diet soda and sugar cravings for me, and I feel like I made it through with flying colors. I’m not craving that stuff as much, but there are definitely times that I still want a cookie ;). Someone brought cookies into the office and I managed to make my salad right in front of them, which is a big win for me. I would have had several throughout the day before the challenge.

    I’m still working on planning ahead and having snacks ready, so I’ve been eating a lot of the same food. The next few weeks my goals are to start experimenting and add some variety. I’m all for people posting their ideas and recipes!

  4. Sarah, try making the “almost oatmeal raisin paleo cookies”. I made my first batch last night. I want to tweek the recipe but it will do in a pinch when I want a cookie. Just google the name and you will find the recipe, plus a few others.

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