Creating a well formed meal

In reviewing the first week’s food logs, a few things stood out.  People are either not eating enough or they are not having a protein, carb, and fat with every meal.  A well formed meal should include foods which come from all three categories–doing this will keep you full for 4 -5 hours.  Be sure to get your carbs from vegetables or fruit, even at breakfast.

So going forward there will be a 1/2 point added if you do not have a well formed meal.  This does not include snacks.  And, as mentioned at the information session, we do not require that you have a prescribed number of meals but a lunch or dinner consisting of “one chicken breast” does not constitute a well balanced meal.

As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


~ by Phil on October 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “Creating a well formed meal”

  1. Need fat suggestions. I’m not trying to add too much into my diet, but does olive oil in the pan that the protein was cooked in suffice for ‘fat’ in my meal?

    • Maya, it is my understanding that olive oil for cooking definitely counts as your fat. Also, here is how I look at it- you either need some form of oil, avocados, coconut or nuts at your meal. From everything I have read on paleo those seem to be the forms of fat that are encouraged and allowed. If you have none of those, then you are probably missing your fat.

  2. What meats count as a protein and a fat? For example, I know that an egg is both (egg white= protein, egg yolk= fat) however, does bacon count as both a protein and fat? Chicken sausage? Beef? Thanks!

  3. Speaking of well-formed meals, does anyone know when the new recipes we exchanged will be posted? I’m hoping to spice my meals up a bit:)

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