And the Winners are…..

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Congratulations goes out to Lauren Sandoval and Matt Gunby, both saw 100% improvement in one of their benchmarks by  working hard and eating “clean” to win the Bangin Bod Challenge.

Top 3 Women

Lauren S



Top 3 Men:

Matt G




Paleo Profile: Amy Krueger

•March 30, 2010 • 23 Comments

What was your athletic/workout/eating routine before CF/CFED?

In high school and college I was always active whether it was field hockey, basketball, or track. During grad school I managed to stay relatively active and trim but I lost most of my muscle since I was just running or playing basketball. Prior to CFED I was taking spin classes and sometimes step aerobics. I was completely bored and tired of the hit or miss classes. I wanted to be able to go to the gym and know I was going to get a good workout. Continue reading ‘Paleo Profile: Amy Krueger’

Smart Cheats

•March 28, 2010 • 3 Comments

Most of you may have already gone shopping preparing for today!  Today is the first day in 10 weeks you don’t have to account for everything you eat.  You can eat whatever you want without penalty, at least as far as the challenge.  There will be some of you who will celebrate today by eating all the foods you have missed for the last 10 weeks and you may never look back.  Others may join elements of the Paleo/Primal lifestyle into everyday life or simply continue on as if the challenge never ended.  By now you should have a solid idea of how some foods affect you either positively or negatively, unless of course you haven’t yet reintroduced dairy, gluten or sugars.   When you do want to relax your diet a little there are some foods which are better than others.  Here are just a few items which would be “Smart Cheats”:

  • Dark Chocolate (70% or greater)
  • Dark Chocolate covered almonds
  • Nachos
  • Sushi
  • Black beans
  • Rice
  • Ice Cream

The one thing to keep in mind is when you do cheat is to try not to let it snowball out of control. It is more important to pick back up and keep and moving forward.  Congratulations to everyone for an awesome 10 weeks!

80/20 Rule

•March 21, 2010 • 5 Comments

WEEK 10 is here!  Benchmarks will begin this weekend (sign-up sheets are posted) and after Sunday you don’t have to write down everything you eat.  Last week several people indicated they will apply the 80/20 rule to their diets going forward.  Mark Sission addresses this  rule in the prologue of in his book ‘The Primal Blueprint’: Continue reading ’80/20 Rule’

Paleo Profile: Wes Powers

•March 18, 2010 • 5 Comments

What was your athletic/workout/eating routine before CF/CFED?

I have always worked-out. In high school I played football and wrestled, so I was accustom to some type of exercise program and staying in shape. College fitness included going to the gym 3-4 days a week and short jogs when the weather was nice. After college, I stuck to that same routine: a lot of running in the spring and weightlifting at a typical gym in colder months (3 sets of 12 regardless of the lift).

I never really worked on the nutrition aspect of fitness. I reasoned that one can workout harder/more often to offset poor eating. What‘s the point of all that sweat if you couldn’t enjoy your Riunite-on-ice or a Filet-O-Fish or both (together).

Continue reading ‘Paleo Profile: Wes Powers’

Paleo Profile: Maya Powers

•March 17, 2010 • 7 Comments

What was your athletic/workout/eating routine before CF/CFED?

Running/incremental weight training and pilates for about an hour or so maybe 2-3 times a week.

Prior to being pregnant there was nothing more that Wes and I loved than grabbing a beer/cocktail/attending happy hours and eating out. It was common for our group of friends to meet up after work at a bar and hang out for a few hours. This would also be the case after a ‘hard’ day at work. Our favorite Saturday activity included all day tailgates with our friends. Usually at a bar/someone’s home for 8-11hours. To combat the earlier activity our Sunday mornings usually involved hash browns/biscuits/gravy and a meat. Continue reading ‘Paleo Profile: Maya Powers’

Finish line, it’s in sight

•March 15, 2010 • 10 Comments

The finish line for the Bangin Bod Challenge is only two weeks away.  Everyone has done awesome so hang in there and push through till the end. Obviously, the food journals and attendance reports are recorded along the way.  What is still a mystery is how everyone’s performance has changed.  The end of the challenge benchmarks will take place the weekends of March 27th and April 3rd.  All four benchmarks are being run each weekend so we can accommodate various schedules.  If you absolutely cannot make either one of those weekends let me know and we can make other arrangements. Sign up sheets and times will be posted in the gym later this week.  Additional information about the end of the challenge added on the blogs later this week as well.

What has your experience been with the challenge?  What have you learned?